Posted by: thedirtybaker | May 19, 2012

Two-fer-one: The Apple-Rine Pie

I was making a pie to bring to a friend’s bbq.

I made a crust and chilled it. Then the big dilemma arose: Should I make an apple pie or a nectarine pie? They both sound good. I can’t decide!!!!

Split Decision Pie Pan to the rescue! I can do a half and half pie! (It’s the ideal pie pan for indecisive bakers.)

The pie crust has to be a bit thinner than usual to accommodate the divider. This is my standard pie crust: just flour, butter, a little bit of salt, and a bit of ice water.

Here’s the apple half. It definitely used less than half the apples that I would pile into a regular apple pie. I’ll have to do something with the sliced, spiced leftovers. Something delicious….

Half apple, half nectarine. Ready for a crumb topping!

The finished product looks pretty good!  And you can’t tell from the top that there’s a split in the middle.

We had to test out both sides, of course – and both were GOOD! Another successful treat from the Cinnamon Girl Bakery!

Ok, I’ll admit it – I wasn’t indecisive about this pie, and I planned the combination.  A friend sent me a link to that pie pan on Amazon.  I eventually bought it, and really wanted to try it out now that the semester is over.  It really was fantastic – I’ll have to try it with two kinds of chess pie, one of these days.


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