Posted by: thedirtybaker | December 26, 2011

New World Cookies: Cornmeal Cranberry!

Every so often, I consider having a potluck dinner party with a New World foods theme. Nerdy? Yep. Tasty? You bet! Corn and cranberries are both New World plants, so when I saw this recipe, I thought of them as New World Cookies!

This is another recipe that The Fancy Baker made first. When her mother, Chef Caliente, posted them, they sounded fantastic, and I had to try them! I meant to make this for Hanukkah gifts, but I was too low on cornmeal. Too bad for the gift recipients – they’re good! There’s now a big bag of these in my freezer.

So, here’s the recipe:

Cornmeal Cranberry Cookies

Some of the reviewers thought they were too sweet. I disagree – they’re cookies, so they should be sweet! I do recommend a pretty fine grind on the cornmeal. Otherwise, they would be too gritty.

One suggestion was to refrigerate the dough in a long roll, and slice and bake. That would probably be good, but I didn’t feel like waiting, so I just made the original recipe for drop cookies. If you try the slice and bake, let me know how they turn out!


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