Posted by: thedirtybaker | October 9, 2011

Needing help with that dirty little secret again.

Please help out a dirty baker!  I love soup, and I’m looking for new recipes! What is your favorite? What do you like to make?  My criteria are:

Freezes well – I live alone.  I need to be able to put half or more of the recipe in the freezer.

Not Dairy-based – No cream- or milk-based soups, though garnishing with grated cheese or with yogurt is fine.  (Or sour cream, but I’ll use yogurt instead.)  I’m ok with stock-based soups or with blended vegetable soups.

Store-bought broth is ok.  Unlike my mother, I won’t make the broth from scratch.  This is why my mother is one of two people whose matzah ball soup meets my standards.  (Granted, she set the standard.)  The only time I make the broth from scratch is when I make chicken soup – the kind that still has lots of chunks of chicken and vegetables in it.  But my mother’s broth sits on the stove for more than 24 hours, and I’m not up to taking that on.

Opening a container of pre-made soup is NOT making soup.

Already in repertoire: Thai Tomato Soup, Tomatillo-Chile Soup, Beans-and-greens soup, Lentil Chard Soup, Tunisian Tomato Soup, Hisham’s Red Lentil Soup, Salmorejo, Brenna’s White Bean Soup, Brenna’s Black Bean Pumpkin Soup, Dill Chicken Soup, Gingered Carrot Soup.

Once was enough – Corn and Wild Mushroom Soup, Carrot Tarragon Soup, Sunchoke Soup.

What’s your favorite?  What do you recommend?


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