Posted by: thedirtybaker | August 24, 2011

A True Dirty Baker Weekend

On Saturday morning, I rode the Bunny Burner ride – 5 times around the Bunny Loop at Fantasy Island to help a friend prepare for next week’s Barn Burner race in Flagstaff.  So that was the “dirty” part.

As for the baking….

While riding, V asked if I could make a peach pie with tequila-infused peaches.  That got me thinking (always a dangerous proposition):  Could I?   I found a recipe online for tequilaed peach pie, but it was a galette, and that’s more work than I feel like doing. Well, maybe a crumble instead.  So I made a drunken peach and blueberry crumble, using the same recipe I posted on here earlier.  Next time, I’m going to have to make extra crumb topping, because it keeps on finding its way into my mouth before I even bake!

Result of the experiment – SUCCESS!!! (It was really freakin’ tasty!)

In addition, C requested a banana cream pie for her birthday.  I’ve never made one, and my one attempt at a chocolate cream pie wasn’t great.  But I’m a better baker now, so I tried it. I found a recipe for Banana Rum Cream Pie on epicurious, and switched in about 4 Tbsp. amaretto for the rum.

Result of the experiment: ANOTHER SUCCESS!!!

So here’s that recipe!  (I only changed the alcohol, and probably used more lemon zest than it called for.):

Now, if only I knew how to set in a link so it showed the recipe itself….. Oh well – I’m the Dirty Baker, not the Dirty Blogger or Dirty Computer Geek!


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