Posted by: thedirtybaker | June 22, 2011

Nature’s Still Alive at the Natural History Museum

Bird. Tree. Knowledgeable, aren't I?

I went to the Natural History Museum at Tel Aviv University, to meet with someone who specializes in ancient shells and beads.  Her office, it turns out, is not in the Institute of Archaeology, but in the Natural History Museum.  The weirder part is that there isn’t really such a museum yet.  They have a lot of the collections for the museum, including part of a planned zoo.  I was surprised, when I went to her office, to see a field containing a lot of birds and a pond with water birds.  There were some caged enclosures around it.

After my meeting, I hung out for a bit and took pictures.  I have no idea what most of

Peacock! (Even I can recognize those!)

these birds are, and I would be happy if you’d identify them.  I tend to see them as “pretty white bird”  or maybe “scary-beaked bird’ since I don’t know much.  Some I recognize – the Toodamnloud Crows, Flamingos, etc, but not many.

I somehow doubt that all these birds belong in the same ecosystem, but they seemed to be fine in each others’ company.


Cute Little Bird.

If your beak isn't orange, hide it in the water. Yes, Flamingo, that means YOU!

Many birds!

Ibex! Funny, you don't look like my mountain bike!

The "goatee" might have been misnamed. Should it be a "Bexie" instead?

They're as lazy as my Ibex bike right now.

"Duck, duck, stork!" If you get caught, instead of going the in the soup pot, the stork brings a special delivery.

Birdie Longlegs!

Why are these deer free on the lawn, and the other two types are in enclosures?

Wouldn't they rather be out on the grass, too?

Peacock!! (Beautiful, but LOUD)Flamingo, flamingo, flamingo, STORK!

Long, lean, and leggy - the flamingo is like the fashion model of the water birds. Think Pink!

Yes, you have to stay in the cage. No, you can't hunt the smaller birds.

The black swans are beautiful, but don't look much like Natalie Portman.

"You must be this tall to eat."

Posing for the camera

Just think what we could do if our necks did that?

And just in case... "AFLAC"


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