Posted by: thedirtybaker | June 20, 2011

Gorgeous Grass, Ugly Art

I went to Tel Aviv University, to meet with an archaeo-malacologist who also sidelines in beads.  She’s very nice, and helped me identify some of the materials that I’m looking at.

Gorgeous Tree!

I caught a train an hour early, so I walked around TAU  first, got a potato bureka, and took pictures.  TAU has beautiful plants (it’s f-ing humid, so they should!), but most of the large outdoor sculpture is questionable, to put it kindly.

I found it rather funny that, even when I was looking at a university map, strangers were coming up to me to ask for directions.  Sorry, I don’t know where anything is either!

There seemed to be a lot of science-themed buildings.  There was one building with a sign for something like the “Center for Nanotechnology.  It had this lovely geometry-themed giant sculpture outside it.  At least the tree and the fountain were very nice.

Outside the center for nanotechnology (something like that).

Oh, look, it’s a geometry-themed sculpture outside a science building.  How original.  How niiiiiiiiice (insert thick southern drawl for that).  The fountain and grass (above it) were nice, though.

Is this intended to remind people that gravity works?

This is outside another math- or physics- related building.

This, however, is outside the gym.  Explain THAT to me, please?

Whisk sculpture?

The above and the  next few pieces are on a lawn between the Museum of the Diaspora (I think), the humanities building, and a few others.  I’m not sure why, for the most part.

Have at it, creative friends!

This could go for a caption contest.  Any suggestions?

Another one, a bit further away.

Again, why? I don't think the Israelis play hockey, do they?

If that's supposed to be a bull, then why is he using his shield that way?

Below is probably the nerdiest graffitti I’ve ever seen!  This wasn’t the only example of this declaration on TAU graffiti.

"Martin Buber was right. Google it."

There was, however, one sculpture that I really liked on the campus!

Is this a capoeira sculpture? The interpretation is up to you!


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