Posted by: thedirtybaker | June 8, 2011

More pictures from Ashkelon

NIkita keeps people company who work in the lab. (Or in my case, who spend hours taking pictures on the front porch.)

I’ve mostly been working since the last posting.  The rest of the crew (staff, students, and volunteers) arrived on Saturday, including the person who asked me to do this project and will be editing my chapter.  I’ve been taking pictures of each object/ bead/ set of beads, measuring them, and recording their colors according to Munsell charts.  I don’t like the Munsells, and I wish I had a more expanded version, but the $990 version just seemed a bit excessive.  The $80 version looked better before I realized that it didn’t have a lapis colored chip.

I have more pictures from around town, from around the dig house/ lab, from running,

Leon likes hanging out right under the work table, or even right underfoot.

and from the tour of part of the tel that I went on today.  (A “tel” – “tell” in Arabic – is a site that was occupied for many rebuildings, leading to an unnatural hill that has many layers of occupation in it.)  Hope you like them!

Breakfast time! (I was hungry then too, after running, but not for that.)

I’ve seen the goats out three times on my morning runs.  They’re herded by a teenager who looks at me like I’m crazy.

Part of the herd

Horny guy

She watched me the whole time I was passing her.These goats are kind of cute, especially the ones with floppy ears.

I’ve been bringing my camera on runs to try to get a picture of one (or more) of these critters:

Look at the cute little mongoose!!!

This is Genghis (Cenghiz) Khan, age 4.

He killed me - but I got better.

Another creature that likes this yard. It was helping the dog dig holes, I think.

Same bird, from the back

The next entry will probably be archaeology pictures.  You just can’t wait, right?  I know.  Archaeology rocks!  😉


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