Posted by: thedirtybaker | May 31, 2011

Streets and Signs of Ashkelon

Here’s the first installment of signs and such that catch my eye:

"High Tension! Danger of Death!"

I wasn’t at all interested in climbing them until the sign said that it was dangerous!

It's not that easy being green.

I can’t explain this one.  Feel free to pontificate for yourself.

Directional difficulties

This looks fine at first glance – street signs are good, right? Except that Yasmin St. and Hahadarim St. are perpendicular to each other.  I’m standing on Hahadarim, which has no signs on the corner before or after it.

Scoop the poop!

Literally, this sign says “Don’t be like that!  Collect this!”  I like that there’s a dog in mid-run above it, though.

"Pizza Meter"

It’s a pizza place that really does sell pizza by the meter.  1/2 meter is family size, and if you order a 1/2 meter special you’ll get a deal on Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, too.

"Mini-Pop Coral" Huh?

The name says it all.  No, wait, the name says nothing!  And it makes no sense!  It looks like they just threw English words/ elements together and called it that.

This is a perfectly good name, actually, once youre' close enough to see that it's a bakery.

"Deli-Cream: For people who understand about ice cream"

But not for people who understand about English.  Deli-cream sounds like it should be a brand of cream cheese, not ice cream.

Electric box?

This is right outside the motorcycle training space for the police – I suspect that’s why the dove is armed. Regardless, I do appreciate their attempts to improve the public spaces.

Until next time…



  1. Hey, you found my mini-pop store!

  2. Yeah – why are you selling clothing in a mini-pop store? I saw no mini-popsicles or mini-lollipops!

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