Posted by: thedirtybaker | May 30, 2011

Polly wants an ecological niche!

Parrots in Ashkelon National Park

This morning the birds were more cooperative about posing for pictures.  The only ones I recognize are the crows and the parrots.  The parrots are an invasive, feral species.  Apparently, they’ve been squeezing out some indigenous birds, I don’t know what kinds.  They’re still more appealing than the damn crows, though!

Parrots attempting camouflage

I don’t know what the other birds are and can’t come up with bad, nerdy jokes for them.  Feel free to identify them and make bad, nerdy jokes (or even good ones!) about them:

I don't know what kind of bird this is, but was glad that the cat nearby ignored it.

Upside-down-eating bird! Maybe it would sound like a better bird name in Latin?

Same bird, still on the bottom of the big branch

I followed the yellow-beaked one to get a picture, and then noticed Pointy-Striped.

Yellow beak with a crow.

Two Pointy-Stripes

Last one of these

Dear Mongeese, please eat lots of snakes. Thanks, A.

This last one is a blurry shot of a mongoose.  I’ll keep trying to get a good picture now that I know what it is.

Hope you liked it!  (I had fun on the run – and the last loop of walking to get the pictures!)


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