Posted by: thedirtybaker | May 29, 2011

My morning runs

I’m running (when I can) in the National Park.  It’s not very big, but it’s certainly pretty.   The ancient city of Ashkelon is in the National Park and that’s where the jewelry that I’m working on came from.  Today I mostly got flower pictures, with some ruins and a lizard.  As far as I can tell, Ashkelon got a lot of the flowers that missed the Tucson Mountains this year.

Look at the healthy prickly pear cactus!

The archaeologists from the Ashkelon crew are supposed to get into the park for free, but the first run, I had to tell the woman at the front that I was with the excavation, what I was working on, who I was working with, and who I was staying with for her to be ok with it.  The second day, the woman in the booth wasn’t going to let me in because I didn’t have my own personal archaeology permit, but the security guy who was out there to deal with some belligerent Israelis let me in.

The Prickly pear cactus is at the entrance to the park.  The road around the inside of the park isn’t very long – it takes me a little under 10 minutes to run it, and I’m a SLOW runner!   Here are a few other familiar looking flowers:

These look familiar, too!


Okay, last one of these....

And there are POPPIES there!

Hooray for poppies! (Especially when I don't have to eat the seeds in cookies.)

More poppies!

Queen Anne's Lace (I think) - if so, it grows on the east coast but not in Tucson. Or I could be wrong.

Small, pretty, white flowers

Big, old olive trees

New growth on old trees

Different yellow flowers.

The eastern side of the park, where I started, doesn’t appear to have ruins to its east.  All ruins are in the southern and western portions of the park.  So are the cooler birds, for the most part, but I wasn’t able to get pictures of them.

Aaaah, ruins: aren't they beautiful?

Roman column capitals: I want a pair of these to sit on in my yard at home!

Some of the broken columns remain, too.

Even parking lots get ancient Roman decorations!

Pretty purple flowers

This view does not suck!

Lizard! (Big lizard!)

Medieval water wheel (noria) installation that the lizard was hanging out on.

A different sort of purple flower, also by the noria

Almost back to the entrance of the park

Brown grasses, green trees, ruins on the left (covered for protection), and the Mediterranean straight ahead!

Small tree, large flowers - no idea what kind of tree it is.

Zoomed in on the flowers

Anyone want to guess why people chose to live here? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

So that’s some of what I see on a morning run.  I think I should run again in the morning!  😀



  1. Beautiful pictures – on my bucket list of places to visit (anywhere along the Mediterranean… Greece? Italy?).

    The unidentified flower/tree is a hibiscus… beautiful and big. They grow so much better when they’re in the ground as opposed to a pot.

    • Thanks! There are a lot of full sized hibiscus trees around here – the one at the park entrance is a small one.

      You should add Cyprus to that list – I went there once, and it was a fantastic vacation. The Cypriots were some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

  2. Great pictures!

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