Posted by: thedirtybaker | May 29, 2011

Magpiety and homemade bread

We’ve had several conversations at the lab table about grinding grain and baking bread with the grain we ground, just for fun.   How awesome would that be?  (Once – it’s a lot of work hand-grinding grain!  The repetitive motion, done every day for decades, leaves visible wear on the knee and shoulder bones.)

I’ve done my initial look-through of  about 2/3 of the jewelry, and I loved one batch this evening – the eye-catchingly shiny, pretty pretty GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL(D) and electrum.  There was one  earring, in particular, that – in terms of style, at least – I would absolutely wear!  But while I’d love to put a 3000-year-old earring in my ear, I suspect it would be unprofessional (sigh).  I would (I have) put an ancient pendant on my necklace chain, but the insertion into an ear seems a bit more extreme.  Did I mention how pretty this stuff was, though?  😉  It was like my visits to shoe stores, where I behave like  a magpie, drawn to the shiny and sparkly shoes!  By the way, ancient stone wasn’t cut for facets – it was cut for depth of color, so it isn’t sparkly – still beautiful, though!  The other material that shines does so because it’s patinated, not because it was made that way on purpose.

Hof Delilah, Ashkelon: 5/28/11

Finally headed down to the beach tonight for a few minutes with my camera – it was actually cold and windy outside!  (Well, by my wimpy standards, at least.)  I enjoyed it, since I won’t be cold outside of air conditioning for much longer!  Other people – who live in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts – have already complained about the heat, but they aren’t acclimated to Tucson.  I thought it was comfortable.



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