Posted by: thedirtybaker | May 24, 2011

The Dirty Baker Blog is Here!

Some of you asked for it, and I’m sure my travel comments will offend more people than I like to offend on Facebook, so here it is: the blog!

So, here’s the plan of the trip: staying at Ashkelon (Mediterranean coast of Israel) for 3-4 weeks working on the publication of the Iron Age I jewelry.  Then I go to Jerusalem, and work on the Iron Age I jewelry from Tel Kinrot (northern Israel, on the Sea of Galilee).  For 9 days in late June/ early July I’ll be in Europe, based out of a friend’s house in the Netherlands (vacation, not work).  Then I have a few days in Israel to tie up loose ends, and I come home on July 7, just in time for monsoons.

From the perspective of my colleagues, it’s great that I’m doing this, but it’s basically what I should be doing.  I’ve been to Israel many times, and I’ve lived here before.  It’s got its good points and its bad points.  This is a long way of explaining why you, my friends, might think this trip is more impressive than I do.  Don’t get me wrong – I really appreciate these opportunities, but aside from the part in Europe, this is a working trip for me.   I love that people think this is fantastic, so please feel free to share it with me when I’m overwhelmed!

Good parts:

1.  Other people are actually funding my travel/ research!

2.  I get to see friends and family (including my sister), whom I haven’t seen in several years!

3.  I’m going to Europe!

4.  My Hebrew will improve!  My German might improve, too.

Bad parts:

1.  These chapters have to be damn near perfect.

2.  My sister is ultra-Orthodox, which really restricts what she does and eats.

3.  I’ll be back for the monsoons.

4.  I’m away from my bikes for six and a half weeks!



  1. Love the blog!

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